Croud’s 2020 predictions: Part two

The second part of Croud’s three-part 2020 predictions series takes a look at how we expect digital marketing to evolve over the 2020s and beyond.  Here is a snippet of some of the key themes included within part two.

You can download the full version online here.

Consumers will fight against digital pollution

The plastic backlash and the move towards renewable energy were undoubtedly two of the trends that defined the 2010s; but how will this shift impact the digital space in the 2020s?

Facial recognition becomes the new frontier in marketing

With huge brands such as Walgreens already experimenting with facial recognition in their advertising in 2019, this decade will see more advertisers attempting to tap into the opportunity.

Creative ideas and strategies will reign supreme

As machines take over many of the manual elements of digital marketing, creativity and strategy will become vital.

You can read and download the full version of Croud’s 2020 predictions: Part two online here.

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