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Climbs and Curse Words – London 2 Paris Training2 min read

2 min read

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Once out of the manic cycle circus that is Richmond Park, we began meandering through the beautiful countryside of Surrey. Heading west through Hampton Court and Esher, we eventually found ourselves at the first test of Staple Lane hill which really woke up some sleepy eyes in the team. Onwards from there, we continued through picturesque Holmbury St Mary before arriving at the day’s toughest climb of Leith Hill. The 246m climb up a 15% gradient hill proved to be a serious test but the team pulled through and eventually made it to the top, where a vast amount of panting and profanities ensued.

A cycle trip through Surrey is never complete without a climb up the infamous Box Hill. Continuing through Dorking we eventually made it to the hill used in the Olympics and the Tour de France. While not as steep as Leith Hill, Box Hill seems to go on and on. Once at the top, the team were treated to cake and fantastic views out over the country. After a short breather for fuel, the team continued on a fast down hill route, hitting speeds up to 60kpm back down towards Epsom and eventually Richmond park for a quick couple of laps. In the end we had completed over 100km each, with a few of the team completing even more with their trip back home.

It was a great chance for the team to get together for the first time and really put some miles down. With the big ride to Paris only a few weeks away, there is still time to get some much needed training in. Looking around the office, there are some stiff legs and John Wayne style walks occurring, not naming any names (Greggo).

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