Creating a network of Programmatic wizards from existing PPC experts

The Croud model is supported by over 2,000 global digital marketing experts, which allows in-house teams to outsource a variety of work, all at a moment’s notice, to be delivered faster than any other agency.  

But in a world where Programmatic expertise is often difficult to come by, how can we ensure a model that works with global channel experts, benefits the Programmatic Team and their clients to the extent it needs?

The Programmatic Team at Croud understood that talent could be limited for their channel and the skills required of the network were not always readily available. Croud wanted to find the best solution to overcome this issue and create a reliable and knowledgeable team of Croudies; ultimately taking a team of PPC Croudies and making them Programmatic experts.

Training sessions

Croud began a series of training sessions with the most eager and talented Croudies. These covered introductions to the Programmatic channel, as well as essential tasks such as trafficking and DSP set-up. Improvements in work quality and Croudie knowledge were immediate and the team soon began broadening the training content to cover more complex areas such as YouTube, Strategy Planning and Data Analysis sessions.

Alongside this, 1-1 sessions were conducted to cover specific training needs. The outcome has been extremely positive for both Croudies and the team.

“The training sessions are very well organised with a good mix of theory and practice. Meeting with other Croudies during these trainings creates a team atmosphere feeling that I find really important as an opportunity to share the knowledge, experience, and joy of common success.” – Jelena, Programmatic Croudie

Weekly Newsletters

The Programmatic team at Croud are always on top of industry news, ensuring new trends and technology are shouted about and reacted to as quickly as possible. Therefore it’s important that Croudies are also in the know about ongoing developments, industry-wide and within the tools they use.

“You know as a freelancer you don’t have that part of communication with colleagues on a daily basis. Newsletters are great because we are always updated with news from the in-house team, plans and especially with global trends regarding programmatic.” – Bojan, Programmatic Croudie

The Programmatic Team and the Croudies continue to work together to provide relevant and insightful training sessions. If you’re interested in learning more about the training available within this exciting and developing channel, or to be kept in the loop with ongoing updates, then please contact us. Or sign up to Croud’s Digital Digest newsletter.

by Felicity Cusack
5 December 2018



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