Amazon Posts: What is it and how do you use it?

Amazon is undoubtedly the world’s leading online marketplace, and it attracts both brands and consumers alike. While the platform offers a number of different paid options for advertisers to reach their audience, they also offer features that marketers can utilise for free! This blog will focus on Amazon Posts and how to leverage this feature for organic marketing purposes.

Amazon adopts social media concepts

The way we shop on Amazon has always been quite functional – we search, we find, we buy! The incredible speed and convenience that this shopping platform provides has been fundamental to Amazon’s success over the years. With increasing demand for online shopping, Amazon is reshaping the platform to introduce more social features.

Amazon is keen on making the experience more engaging and helpful for shoppers to discover new products in a more creative way. Amazon Stores have been a big focus over the last couple of years and as a result, we’ve seen them popping up everywhere in the user interface (UI) and playing a greater role in the shopper’s journey. You can now also follow your favourite stores, which allows Amazon’s algorithms to ensure you’re seeing more relevant content in the UI. This is very likely to become available for ad targeting soon.

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Setting up Amazon Posts

Alongside these developments to Stores, marketers can now also use Amazon Posts to target their audience. For the time being, Amazon Posts are only available for brand registered US vendors & sellers, and we’d encourage all of them to utilise this feature. To start, marketers should try using existing lifestyle shots and social media assets. This feature is completely free right now and can offer up an opportunity to use visual content to reach shoppers further up the funnel.

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It’s simple to sign up your brand for Amazon Posts. Once you’ve set up your profile according to Amazon’s instructions, you can post your lifestyle shots straight away which will link directly to your product listings.

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Running a test is simple!

It’s still early days but now is a great time to test this feature as you start to plan for the peaks you have coming later this year. Getting a test up and running can be fairly easy by repurposing some existing brand assets. 

The feature allows marketers to tag up to 10 products to highlight in the post. The early signs are interesting with some posts getting good levels of engagement. Everything is reporting in the UI including impressions, clicks, engagement and reach. 

There is no need to specify the placement of posts, as Amazon’s algorithms will decide where to best display them based on relevancy and user engagement. Thus, you can easily capitalise through product placements that appear within the Amazon app, as well as on product pages and brand feeds on mobile web – all for free!

Solidifying your brand

With the addition of Amazon Posts, shoppers are able to explore brands’ feeds and click through to learn more about specific products that caught their attention. This allows you to solidify brand awareness, highlight your brand story and show potential customers exactly what makes your brand unique.

In recent years, we’ve seen social media platforms building ecommerce features, and it’s clear that Amazon is looking to develop in the opposite direction by adding more social elements to its platform. As with many of the recent Amazon feature releases, it makes sense for brands to get involved quickly before things become more saturated. Carve out your brand space now to drive those impressions and untapped sales for free!

If you’d like to learn more about Amazon marketing, or are interested in speaking with someone on our team, get in touch.

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